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In today's rapidly developing market of making synthetic and treatment Gemstones, identification of these treatments & differentiating the Natural from the Synthetics is quite difficult for a Gemologist. As compared to the old times, now days, man has discovered many new gemstones. At present there are more than 60 species, with new addition to it every now and then.

We at IGTL take great care of your Gemstones while testing them. We start by weighing the stone, and then we record its Dimensions with precision. Next step is to check its physical and optical properties (Luster, Heft, Phenomenon, if it's a diamond we use a master stone to decide its colour). The next step is checking the stone under "Polaris scope" to see whether it is SR, AGG, ADR(SR) or DR. After that we take R.I. (Refractive Index) using the "Refractometer" and then we calculate its S.G. (Specific Gravity). Then check its spectrum in the "Spectroscope" and for Pleochroism using "Dichroscope", observe the stone under "Chelsea filter" & "UV light" (Short & long wave). At last we observe the Gemstone under the Microscope, to see its inclusions.

On the basis of the above mentioned tests performed on the Gemstone we reach a conclusion on our Experience basis and identify the Stone.