Colour Stone Identification

IGTLJ laboratory has been certifying thousands of gemstones every year. IGTLJ’s Gem Testing Laboratory is the first laboratory in India which is recognized by CIBJO, the international apex organisation of the global gem & jewellery trade.

IGTLJ Laboratory offers the following services:-

  • Identification of all species and varieties of gemstones.
  • Origin certification for Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire.
  • Identification of natural v/s synthetic and simulants of gemstones.
  • Identification of treated/enhanced gemstones/diamonds.
  • Identification of CVD/HPHT synthetic Diamonds.
  • Identification of HPHT and electron beam treatments on diamonds.
  • Identification of Beryllium treatment in Yellow Sapphire, Led Glass filling in Ruby, Resin filling in Emerald.
For gemstone certification IGTLJ is the place to be reckoned for unbiased and comprehensive analysis of gemstone quality. IGTLJ is one of the world’s most respected and recognized gemological laboratories, managed by The Gem and Jewellery Industry.
IGTLJ is the only trade laboratory in India, as on today which is fully equipped with all the latest equipments for identification of all types of CVD and HPHT Synthetic Diamonds.