Diamond Grading Course at IGTLJ


At Diamond Grading Course:

    1.  Introduction to Diamond industry and Market Overview
    2.  Diamond Formation, Mining and Sources.
    3.  Introduction to Physical & Optical properties
    4.  Identification of Natural Diamond among its simulants and synthetic diamonds.
    5.  4 Cs of Diamond Grading:
      a)  Color : Non Fancy and Fancy Colors in Diamonds,
      b)  Clarity : Inclusions, Blemishes, Consideration & Plotting
      c)  Cut : Different shapes and cutting styles; fancy and non fancy shapes
      d)  Carat Weight: units, Sieve set, weight estimation calculations.
    6.  Aspects of Practical Diamond Grading on the basis of 4 Cs.
    7.  Diamond treatments and their detection.
    8.  Study of high pressure high temperature ( HPHT ) & CVD Techniques.
    9.  Diamond Valuation.
    10.  Practical Sessions

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