Gem Identification has over the yeas become an integral part of the Gem & Jewellery Industry. This is largely due to the fact that there is a greater awareness about the technological advances in this filed. The earlier concept that there are 84 gemstones only is no longer prevalent. Any material which has the three basic qualities of beauty, rarity and durability and can be fashioned into an attractive form is being used as a gem material. The scope of usable materials is vast and includes minerals, rocks, metals, organic and synthetic materials. Further, low grade gem materials are being transformed into better quality saleable material by the use of enhancements such as coating, colourless and coloured impregnation, heat treatment, diffusion, laser treatments and irradiation. All these changes in the gem industry are primarily responsible for the need to learn Gemology.


In this course our aim is to provide a logical and analytical method by which one can identify the many nuances of a gem material. This course does not claim to make you an expert, since that is possible only with time and experience. However, we do promise to give you a direction, which, we hope, will help you in your business dealing in the long run. Besides business, the course also opens up the many possible options available to you in the Gem & Jewellery Industry. The basic idea is to make you well versed in International terminology and understanding so that you may hold your own in any situation.

This course covers all aspects of the physical and optical properties of gemstones, their nature and identification. Methods of identification include expertise with 10X lens, theory and usage of instruments, their advantages, disadvantages, practical applications, importance and technological advances. In addition to identification of natural gemstones, techniques employed in making synthetics and enhanced gem materials as well as their recognition are included. Basic concepts of faceting, evaluation and assortment of rough and cut stones, jewellery design and export formalities are also dealt with.

The overall idea which we wish to instill, is that, given a single stone or a packet lot of stones set in jewellery, you will be able to rapidly identify and evaluate the nature and quality of a stone using a methodical step-by-step process. If you have the interest to learn, we can help you become a balanced, practical and successful gemmologist – jeweller.