Laboratory Services



IGTLJ is an independent Gemmological Laboratory with state of the art technology & expertise. IGTLJ has a team of qualified and professional Gemologists, Diamond Graders & Jewellery experts. With the proliferation of imitation, synthetic & treated Gemstones in the market, the need is to look for independent, unbiased and expert opinion. With its reliable & quality services over the years, today IGTLJ has become a trusted name for Identification & Grading of Diamonds & Gemstones. So, whenever you buy a gemstone, diamond or jewellery; always insist on IGTLJ Laboratory Reports.

Gemstone Identification Report / Gem Treatment Identification Report :

Gemstones are identified on the basis of their Physical & Optical properties and IGTLJ is fully equipped for this. This Report not only mentions the properties of the Gemstone and its identification but , also indicates if the Gemstone is treated for its present Color or Clarity or both to enhance its quality and thus its value. Each Gemstone is examined very carefully by our professional Gemologists using internationally accepted Procedures and Tools. Each Report has the photograph of the stone mentioned in the Report for Identification.

Diamond grading Report :

Each diamond is graded on the basis of 4C's i.e. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat-weight. At IGTLJ, each Diamond is graded very carefully by experienced Diamond Graders. This report not only covers 4C's but also indicates if the diamond is treated or enhanced in any way to its present state. IGTLJ follows widely accepted GIA - Grading system for grading of Diamonds. Diamond Grading is done using standard instruments like Proportion Scope, Master Stones, 10x Eye Loupe and Colorimeter etc.

Jewellery Authentication Report :

This report is meant for jewellery items studded with Diamonds and Gemstones. This report mentions all important information related to Jewellery Item that is required by the supplier as well as the buyer.