Know About Gems



Nine stones representing the planetary system is widely used in India for astrological purposes. People from all walks of life ranging from film stars from Bollywood to a daily wage earner in a factory or in an agriculture field have always shown fancy and faith in Navagraha stones.

Superstitions and stories have been often surrounded to many gemstones. People believe that some stones made them richer or the other way it was the cause for their downfall. We, the gemmologists have no major role or knowledge in the astrology and therefore we do not want to discuss on the astrological aspects of gemstones at all.

Nevertheless, we can assure the general public the fact that there are various types of simulants (imitations) and also synthetic stones existing in the market, which can be mistaken for the Navagraha stones with which you wanted to try your luck. Beware of these synthetic and simulants.

These synthetics and imitations may not be of any help to you as far as the astrology goes; and similarly it will not have any commercial value also. Therefore first of all before buying a stone for the astrological purpose, you must ensure that the stone is natural.

In addition, there are colour enhancements being done to many gemstones by heat, irradiation, dye etc. This is again an important aspect one must be careful before buying the same.

It is, many a time, stated that the deeper the colour, the better the value of the stones especially for astrological purpose. If this is so, one has to be very careful, because today maximum of coloured stones, especially Ruby, Sapphire etc. seen in the market are subjected to some kind of treatments. In other words, the qualities of such stones are enhanced by various treatments.

Therefore the certificate from a recognized Trade Laboratory is very important aspect for your Navagraha stones.

We give below a brief description of all the Navagraha stones.