History of Jaipur

History of Jaipur


Johari Bazaar one of the most renowned Jewelery Market in Jaipur. The word Johari in hindi means jeweler . Johari bazaar situated with in the walled city of Jaipur from north of south . The Johari Bazaar is the big shopping area for gems and jewelery buying.Most of the shops of Johari Bazaar is very authentic.

Many shops are doing wholesale business .Apart from the jewelery shops , there are numbers of shops in Johari market .Johari Bazaar dotted with shops on both side of the road which sell silver , gold , silver Jewelery , diamond Jewelery Precious and semi - precious.

there are hundred of shops in johari Bazaar so it is not possible to check every shops. johari bazaar also has the famous Gopal ji ka rasta there are many shops who dealing in Gems and diamond Jewelery and silver Jewelery .

In Gopal Ji Ka Rasta there is one more market known as lalaniyon ka chowk in this market after 5o clock all Broker and gem dealer and outside merchant come o sell our goods and merchant buy form broker .so be Aware if you buy gems from the broker so pl z check your gems from international gem testing laboratory Jaipur because that gems may be duplicate.